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::How can I use The Marriage Application workbook?::
You can complete The Marriage Application workbook in four different formats: 

• Individually: Go through the workbook and assess yourself.
• Group: Form your own study group or introduce this to your 
Bible study class. 
• Family: Involve other young adults in your family and begin a home study group. Involve parents and other family members. Ask your pastor to become involved. 
• With your prospective spouse: If you are at the point in your life, complete it with your prospective spouse.

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Print off your application and complete it as you go through the workbook.
Will you be approved or denied?

Read through the workbook. Take time to discuss each question and related text and talk it through. Follow instructions, if provided, and visit the websites indicated or complete the exercise. 

You will find after some questions, the author or source of reference information is listed. Please feel free to refer to additional resources provided by that source. 

Extra Workbook Features!

"Discussion Points": These indicate time-out periods where the Bible is referenced to provide you with guidance and wisdom from God on that particular topic. 

“Reflections.” These are items of interest that we thought you might enjoy, that relate to  the subject of marriage and relationships. 

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