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We are living in a very sad day. 
To our dismay, most of the world no longer believes in the sanctity of marriage, or at least acts as though it doesn’t. 

Adults and married couples today present a very poor example of “marital bliss” to our youth. Adultery, domestic violence, and child abuse are rampant in our homes. Where are the happily married couples that were portrayed on television shows in the 1960s and 1970s? 

Remember the family unit complete with a father, a mother, and their children sitting together around the dinner table having a discussion about work, school, church or how their day went? 

Definitely an event of the past. 

Society today clearly paints the picture that single is the place to be. The media depict singles on television and in movies with on their faces, their days filled with excitement and thrills, and them dancing the night away. Compare that with how married couples are viewed on those mediums. They are either divorced, getting ready to be divorced, or want to be divorced. 

The Marriage Application: Part One workbook is designed for young adults. It is critical to reach out to you at the age when you make life-impacting decisions. 
Why is this workbook called The Marriage Application? Our society demands that an application, a request for consideration, is completed for practically all life-impacting transactions: 
• Buying a car 
• Obtaining a mortgage or a job 
• Getting health insurance 
• Enrolling in college 
• Renting an apartment 
• Getting a driver’s license 
• Adopting a pet 
• Being considered for a credit card 

You submit your application to the entity that will review this information and determine if you meet the requirements. Your application can be approved or denied. 

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